Marketing Word-of-Mouth Marketing II

Interesting! WOMMA, a new professional association for word-of-mouth marketers, already has a parallel organization: the Viral and Buzz Marketing Association.

Regardless of whether the group is a competitor or potential collaborator, the VBMA’s idea seems similar. An international group, the organization aims to support the development, validation, and promotion of consumer-oriented marketing trends and techniques.

The Association will create international collaborations, swap case studies, develop best practice and dispel the myths surrounding viral and buzz marketing in order to make it more widely accepted as a key part of brands’ overall marketing activities

VBMA members are viral and buzz marketing practitioners or academics who specialise in consumer-focussed marketing. They include German-based VM-People, Denmark-based GoViral, Israel-based KetaKeta, France-based Spheeris and other UK-based companies including cpd-travissully, Cake, The Viral Factory, meme digital and Maverick Media.

Who knew? Word-of-mouth marketing has gone global.