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Tom Peters recently revisited the brand called you. Updating it for the now, he offers the following basic advice:

  • Think about great gigs
  • Be a spin doctor
  • Master something
  • Laugh off the fabulous screwup
  • Embrace ambiguity
  • Loyalty ain't dead
  • Appreciate new technology
  • Never be satisfied

The piece expands on each item, and other people seem to be returning to the idea of self-branding as well. One such person is Ramon Williamson, whose top 10 tactics got picked up by Robin Good. Here's Williamson's approach, with an addendum by Goood:

  • Think like a free agent.
  • Discover what sets you apart and market it shamelessly.
  • Get visible.
  • Stop networking, and build a network.
  • Add value - and then some.
  • Accelerate your brand power by getting in sync with a major trend in your field and moving to the head of it.
  • Marry an important, ethical cause as a complement to what you like to do
  • Share before looking for profit
  • Help others become as successful as you
  • Question yourself and your approach systematically - get forever curious