Ideas and Quality of Personal Life

One of the more far reaching … and maybe reaching too far … findings to come out of the Ideas Are Free study was that a great idea system not only improves the quality of employees’ work lives, but it also impacts the quality of people’s personal lives.

We encountered a number of anecdotes in this area, but perhaps the most interesting one, which is almost unbelievable, comes from Martin Edelston, CEO and founder of Boardroom Inc. When we asked him if he thought the benefits of his company’s idea system spilled over into his employees personal lives he responded that he couldn’t be certain. But then he smiled and cited the following statistic. Prior to Boardroom starting its idea system the number of divorces amount the people in the company was about average for any workforce. In the more than eight years since he started the system, not a single person among his workforce of almost one hundred has gotten a divorce.

Is there a linkage? If your boss listens to you, and your idea are respected at work, does it help your personal life? If so, what does this mean for managers?