Feedback to Back

M. Hussey of Custom Ink emailed us this morning to point out how the company handles customer feedback. Founded by several Harvard grads, the online retailer of custom-made T-shirts, hats, mugs, and other swag, Custom Ink features “uncensored customer reviews (typos and all)” prominently on its home page.

Visitors are able to sort the feedback — which seems to be largely positive, making this practice safe as houses — by customer type, which is intriguing. That way, you can see what other customers like you experienced with the company. For example, “small business” customers are more demanding and are less satisfied than the average client, “corporate” customers are just a tad more satisfied than clients overall, and “religious” customers are 100% satisfied.

How open is your organization or team with feedback? I’d come back to this site just to read Custom Ink Uncensored.