Wireless City, Redux

Last January I wrote about San Diego’s move to become the most wireless city in the USA — based on the city’s history of playing host to a number of telecommunications pioneers, and on the unique and creative applications for wireless technology that San Diego businesses are experimenting with (from hotel housekeepers and real estate developers, to hostpital and pharmacy employees). Lately, I’ve noticed that a number of cities are looking to give San Diego a run for its money:

  • Chaska, Minnesota launched a wifi network called “” that will encompass the entire city: residents within the city’s wireless bubble can sign up for a simple subcription to the service.
  • New York City technically qualifies as the “most” wireless city in the country, with 770 hotspots available within the city limits, according to JiWire.
  • And Austin, Texas has the most free wireless hotspots available of any city in the country, with 10,000 citizens signed up for its service as part of an initiative called the Austin Wireless City Project.

To find a hotspot near you, or for your next trip, check out the hostpot finder tool provided by JiWire.

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