TV… or Not TV? That Is the Question.

Holy cow. Looks like David Lidsky, Alison Overholt, and Michael Prospero have their next journalism jobs in the works — TV critics. While I’ve been enjoying their entries on various networks, the dubious lineage of spinoffs and brand extensions, and time slot competition, I wonder whether there are deeper questions — and business challenges — afoot.

How can large entertainment companies ostensibly staffed by very bright people make such stupid decisions with programming? Is it a back-end problem — how the networks work? Or a front-end problem — what TV viewers will watch? What’s going on? If it’s a back-end problem, additional questions arise. Are these shows the result of a failure in leadership? Creativity? Management by committee? Solely playing to the research?

I’m curious what my coworkers — and FC Now readers — think. How could networks improve their creative process?