David, How Could You…

I’ve been enjoying my colleague David Lidsky’s hilarious rants about this week’s “Upfront” presentations by the beleaguered television networks, but this bit just kills me:

The hardy band of souls who aren’t sick of Carey and his rat pack of improv sycophants annoying us on ABC for the last decade will tune in to see Carey and crew. And I guess those eight people are enough to get a better rating in that time slot than whatever WB had in there before.

That’s what David wrote about the WB’s new Drew Carey vehicle that will run on Wednesday nights at 9:30, right after what looks to be a terrible Jeff Foxworthy show at 9 pm.

Say what you will about Foxworthy and Carey, David, but I beg you not to slander the WB’s Wednesday 9 pm timeslot! I’m still in mourning over the demise of Angel, which aired its last episode last night in that very slot. And don’t forget: before Angel — a series I’ll miss dearly next year — and before it was tragically shunted over to UPN for its final seasons, Wednesday at 9 pm was home to Buffy the Vampire Slayer — perhaps the smartest, most hilarious, best-written television show ever. Yes, that’s right: Ever.