Image Management

Inspired by a recent Web exclusive about Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE, Fast Company reader Danit Ran-Schreiber wrote a response piece taking another approach to the idea. As a “corporate and executive image coach,” Ran-Schreiber suggests that how a leader looks is as important as how they lead. Here, then, are Ran-Schreiber’s 10 keys to great leadership:

  • Pick the appropriate level of dressing for your position, situation, industry, profession, and company.
  • Match the colors and style of apparel to match your natural characteristics, strengths and business goals.
  • Be groomed.
  • Maintain a straight and natural posture.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Have a firm handshake, but be aware to match it to your counterparts handshake.
  • Move with a purposeful deliberate stride and with a powerful energy level.
  • Have a relaxed, controlled tone of voice.
  • Maintain good manners and a sensitivity to others.
  • Be disciplined regarding your etiquette and netiquette.

While I’m not sure I think the above is as important as Immelt’s advice, it certainly can’t hurt. In fact, I’d offer that the above is probably part and parcel with Immelt’s ideas. Because even the best dressed can be bad leaders if they don’t take Immelt’s words to heart.