Next Steps

I have listed below a generic list of “things to do” to begin the process of becoming a responsible business. I think the “getting up to speed” part of the process is essential, and I have listed a host of references in the Reference Section on the book‘s website.

At the very bottom of this reference list are url’s to specific companies CSR reports. Going through each report is an amazing learning construct. Also, check back to our website on April 22nd (Earth Day) to read our CSR report. And please, don’t hesitate to make comments. I welcome good hard feedback.

Here are some things to do to get started:

Steps for Becoming a Socially Responsible Company

  • Develop a Mission, Vision and Operating Principles Statement>
  • Create a Values and Operating Principles committee (made up from staff at various levels & departments of the company) that defines the behaviors that are indicative of the company’s values and metrics to measure behavior vs values.
  • Define the business case for responsible business at your company.
  • Select several low risk/high reward projects to create an internal track record of success.
  • Determine where and why there is the greatest discomfort around improving transparency.
  • Publish a CSR Report.
  • Develop a plan to leverage the impact you can have on your Supply Chain
  • Build CSR into your culture by incorporating it into job descriptions and incentive programs.