Another Comment on a Comment

I also want to comment on Peter Rees’ comment under my The Wal-Mart We Know post.

As I said, with the best of intentions Seventh Generation does a poor job selling to lower and middle-income people. Our products are generally too expensive for these groups, not available in the stores where they shop and don’t offer benefits that are core to their concerns. We’ve worked hard to reduce our prices (that are actually controlled by our retailers) over the past 10 years. We’ve reduced our prices on a per use basis by 25 – 50%, and that’s not good enough, we want them to be comparable to traditional brands, we’re working on it! Scale helps a lot. We’ve also worked hard to get our products into the larger grocery chains.

Even though our products appear to be for the elite, we are working to educate the consumer to the fact that our products are not only good for the environment, but also do not have the potential health risks inherent in the chemistry of our competitor’s products. Even though we have no way to measure it, I do think our products reduce, if not eliminate, health risks, that will obviously impact health costs.

As it goes for the contradiction of reducing our footprint by selling more product – as long as we as a society are going to use these types of products, I want to provide a product that has the “shortest” print. Also, thank you Peter for your “robust” thoughts!