A Comment on a Comment

I found Donald E. L. Johnson’s comment on April 14 under the Seventh Generation II post to be interesting. My first response was “this guy knows nothing about me.” And then I thought maybe I am out to “screw up the world.” Maybe that’s what change is all about – screwing up the old to let the new in.

As much as all my “socially responsible rap” sounds arrogant, I work diligently at being as transparent as I know to be – which is a very humbling experience. Much of my interest in responsible business started from my experience of growing up in the sixties when I became aware that we all have a responsibility as citizens to make the most positive contribution to our society.

This individual experience is something I have carried with me as a founder and leader of businesses. I do truly see that business is the most powerful force that can effect positive change in the world – once you realize this, you want to harness the power and the resources to ensure that your company makes a positive impact and contribution. A positive contribution can be educating your customers, making more responsible products, making a positive contribution to the community – it is truly a process without end. Once you see the opportunity and accept the responsibility, you have no choice but to participate.

I don’t mean to contradict Donald, but the work he is doing sounds like he is “doing good” making the world a better place by finding people work. So to you Don, good job and thank you for your thoughts.