Card Sharks V

Thanks to the fine folks at xBlog for pointing me to Marian Bantjes’ recent comments on business cards in Speak Up. In an entry titled “Logo, Company Name, Slogan, Name, Title, Address, Phone, Fax, Cel, Email, Web Address,” Bantjes comments on the overwhelming amount of information that people can — and usually do — put on their business cards.

In the past, people worked to solve that problem by offering multimedia business cards (Caveat: The company featured in that 1998 article is no longer on the Web.), but I belong to the less is more school of business card thinking.

One of the most interesting cards I ever got was from Douglas Rushkoff, whose card at the time only had his name on it, like an old-time calling card. “It’s not like I’m hard to find on the Web,” he told me. “And if I really want you to contact me, you will.”

My personal business cards come in two forms — one with just my name and an email address on it, and one with a Web site name and URL. That’s all you need if a lot of the work you do involves the Net. What best practices have you seen in terms of business cards? What cards have made the strongest impression on you?