Eddie Bauer’s National Park Service

If the concept of a Pepsi-branded playground concerns you, our country’s national parks could be next. In a recent article, Bill Berkowitz takes a look at the National Park Service’s ongoing budgetary woes — and early exploration of privatization.

One such park that is already pursuing the public-private partnership model, Acadia National Park in Maine, already faces additional budget cuts — despite its rank as ninth of the 400 most visited national parks and historic sites in the country. The park sells visitor passes, seeks corporate sponsors, and raises funds to stay afloat. But just barely.

Should our national park system be required to fund itself privately? Do you want to hike the Citibank Appalachian Trail? Or is the solution left to people like Roxanne Quimby, who buys undeveloped parcels of land in northern Maine, and groups like the Nature Conservancy?