Bully for You II

Do you work for a toxic company? Bullying seems to be a perennial workplace concern. In today’s Daily News health writer Jordan Lite takes a look at “bosses from hell” and workplace bullying. Several parts of the piece may be useful.

How to identify bullying behavior:

  • Misleading employees
  • Berating people in public
  • Insulting people personally rather than criticizing their work
  • Using rude tone and gestures
  • Taking credit for others’ ideas
  • Blaming subordinates
  • Stifling discussion
  • Throwing tantrums
  • Doing any or all of the above behind closed doors

Lite also addresses how to protect yourself from — or deal with — bullying at work:

  • Don’t tough it out
  • Talk to people you trust about the situation
  • Seek out supportive colleagues; they may have been abused, too
  • Don’t confront the bully directly
  • Focus on the work; say, “How can I improve the report?” rather than “Don’t talk to me that way.”
  • Check whether your company has a policy against bullying or harassment
  • If needed, seek legal counsel or medical help
  • Go to a senior person to intervene; if they don’t support you, the problem isn’t just with the one manager

What do you think? Adequate advice? What else could people do?