Lunch Is Fun(ctional) II

Sometimes, just like square meals, good things come in threes. A couple of months after a previous entry about the business value of lunch meetings, lunch seems to be top of mind again. (It’s almost noon as I write this, so it’s certainly top of mind right now.)

In the April issue of Fast Company (online in its entirety soon), Nate Nickerson offers five things you need to know about the power lunch of your. A quick peek:

  • Pick the sweet spot
  • Let them come to you
  • It’s the chemistry
  • Breakfast is the new lunch
  • Call for the check already

Then, in this week’s edition of Transit Authority, Donna Williams recommends the best business restaurants in three urban areas. Many of them serve lunch.

And in response to the April article, a Company of Friends member in Las Vegas emailed me last night about a book about the very topic. The Art of the Business Lunch, written by an advertising account manager, takes a look at how to build better business relationships between 12 and 2 p.m.

While I’ve yet to see whether the book is useful, I’m hungry for more. Now, what’s for lunch? How do you use lunch as a tool for work? Do you have any fun and productive lunchtime stories to tell?