The Blogging of Business

Contributors to FC Now try to avoid being too self-referential — if you want to know what Fast Company is working on, it’s probably best to sign up for Fast Take, our weekly email newsletter — but we just put the April 2004 table of contents online, and the issue includes a piece I think FC Now readers will find particularly interesting.

Jena McGregor’s feature “It’s a Blog World After All” makes the business case for blogs, highlighting how companies such as Verizon, IBM, and Microsoft are using blogs for knowledge management — as well as marketing. Online, we’ve also produced a Web Exclusive package expanding on the piece.

David Weinberger considers how conversations within companies can scale globally. Robert Scoble offers a starter set of corporate blogging guidelines. A VH-1 producer shares what he learned from the Web. And Fast Company staff writer Alison Overholt takes the pulse of online business networking.

Check it out. And let us know what you think.