Office Terrorism

I couldn’t agree more with Alison’s last Apprentice comment.

I’ve been around the managers who expedite the no-explanation firings. Those are the ones who like to do the Friday-at-5-clear-our-your-desk routine. You know….wait until the office starts to look thin, then just as the victim is getting ready to leave, call him into your office and tell him he won’t be coming back on Monday. It’s cowardly.

And incredibly offensive, not just to the one being fired but to all those left behind. No chance to say goodbye. No understanding of why. And then that nagging feeling that maybe I’m next, maybe the next bomb will drop right square in my cubicle.

Offering as much explanation as possible regarding a controversial action definitely makes one stronger – not weaker – as a leader. It’s an act of transparency that shows you’re taking care of your team and builds a reputation for respect and care for others….and credibility.