Calling All Hackers

Alison, the press release you mention reminds me of a strange one I got the other day. Apparently Kevin Mitnick, who served five years in prison for mucking with protected data at such heavyweights as Motorola and Novell, (the feds labeled him “the most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history”) is writing a new insider account of hackerdom. The only problem is that he needs hackers to come forward and tell their stories because his plea agreement restricts him from telling of his own hacks until January 2010.

Wiley, the publisher who commissioned the book from Mitnick, blasted the word to journalists to put “out a call to all current and former hackers to tell about their sexiest hacks…hackers who have shown innovation and ingenuity to compromise their targets.”

And hey, Wiley’s got to make this all worth the time, effort, and potential liability a hacker would pony up: “If the story makes it into the book, the hacker will receive a free copy of Kevin’s first book, ‘The Art of Deception,’ plus a rare Advanced Reader’s Copy of the new one with their story in it — both signed by Kevin with a personal inscription. There will be a $500.00 prize awarded to the person who comes forward with the most provocative story, based on attack methodologies and/or desirability of the target.” Wow, two free books signed by a convict! You’re joking, right!

I might as well do my journalistic duty and put the word out: Hackers (no neophytes please) should send their tales to,