That’s Rich II

An interesting comparison to Forbes‘ recent roundup of billionaires is Rolling Stone‘s 2004 Rock Rich List this week. The top 10:

  • The Rolling Stones, $84.1 million
  • Bruce Springsteen, $81.7 million
  • The Eagles, $62.9 million
  • Metallica, $39.1 million
  • Toby Keith, $38.7 million
  • Bon Jovi, $36.1 million
  • Shania Twain, $36.1 million
  • Simon and Garfunkel, $35.8 million
  • Cher, $33.8 million

Fast Company founding editor Bill Taylor would be proud to see the Boss so prominently listed. But what business lessons can we learn from this list? The Stones struck an exclusive partnership with Best Buy to sell their Forty Licks DVD. Scheduled to run for four months, the run recently ended — we’ll see how sales worked out soon. The Boss has the best margins in the business — 70% of potential gross for concert ticket sales. With scaled-back tour expenses, that could be a pretty penny indeed. Bon Jovi’s tour was sponsored by Duracell and Best Buy. And while Simon & Garfunkel split nightly guarantees while touring, Simon walks away with most of the record sale take because he owns the publishing catalog.