I, Motivator

In yesterday’s edition of Brainy Tidbits, an email newsletter by Lois Carter Fay of the MarketingIdeaShop, Fay discusses how George Erdman, president of Eren Corp., determines what motivates employees, colleagues, and partners. He uses a tool called the Motivator Pie that helps identify how important various factors are to you — and how they influence reaching your goals.

The factors:

  • Recognition People who are motivated by “Recognition” are interested in respect, admiration, regard, esteem, notoriety and celebrity.
  • Influence Those whose primary motivator is “Influence” find power,
    control, competition, independence and order to be most important.
  • Internal If you are motivated by “Internal” factors, then morals, duty, intellect, creativity, philanthropy, and honor are important to you.
  • Profit “Profit” motivated people strive for success with money, possessions, acquisitions, wealth, income and growth.

Once the pie has been set, Erdman recommends considering the following questions:

  • Are my goals consistent with what motivates me?
  • Is there a big difference in my motivations in different situations?
  • What motivates the people I work (or live) with?
  • Can or do my motivators cause conflict with my associates (family)?

Seems like a useful tool. “Where can I get my slice of the Motivator Pie?” you may very well ask. The answer: here.