What We Learned in the New Economy

The online table of contents for the March issue of Fast Company is now available. Shortly, the entire issue will be available online.

We’re launching the new issue with a sneak peek of our cover package: “What We Learned in the New Economy.” Not only is the package available in its entirety for online readers, we’ve added several new elements to better draw on your advice, experience, and ideas.

The boom and bust of the New Economy left us all a little battered and bruised. Will we make the same mistakes all over again? Or are we wiser, along with a bit sadder? Tell us what enduring lessons you learned in the New Economy, and we’ll share the most interesting ideas and experiences online.

And as a corollary to the Where Are They Now?” section, we’re asking Fast Company readers what once-prominent business leaders and innovators you want to catch up on. Let us know, and we’ll do our best to get the goods on the long gone.

What did we learn in the New Economy? You tell us.