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Merger Mania II

While Comcast continues to woo Disney, the Mouse House acquires the Muppets from the Jim Henson Co. The deal does not include the Sesame Street characters, which were purchased by Sesame Workshop two years ago. Comcast officials indicate that they won't increase their offer given the recent purchase of one of America's more notable media franchises.

The timing is ideal, although Disney leaders insist that it's coincidental. In fact, negotiations have been going on for six months — and date back to a previous purchase attempt more than a decade ago. Personally, I think this could be good for the Muppets — as long as Disney stays true to Henson's vision. Case in point: While all of the Muppet movies are available on DVD, the 1970s TV program is limited to a celebrity-driven "Best of the Muppet Show" DVD series. It'd be good to see chronological collections of the Muppets' five seasons.