How to Make Love in the Office II

Last year, just in time for the holiday office party season, I wrote a “One Thing Done Right” column about office romance — how more and more people are, ahem, embracing their coworkers, and why many employers are deciding that intra-office dating is just fine with them.

It’s a subject that’s ripe for revisiting, with Valentine’s Day just past, and Yahoo! Hot Jobs having just released the results of a fun new “Love in the Workplace” poll:

  • 74% have dated a coworker
  • 9% have not, but would if they had the opportunity!
  • 57% wouldn’t be willing to work for their significant other
  • 75% would hide the relationship if dating a coworker

All this polling makes me curious about the views of FC readers: Have you ever dated a coworker? Was it fabulous, or did it flame-out? Is love on the job a good way to spice up the workday, or terrible for morale? Give us the low-down on your views about making love at the office…