You Go, Guru

Back in August, John discussed the ranking of thought leaders in the book What’s the Big Idea?. Criticizing the methodology, John suggested that publicity doesn’t necessarily equate with productive contributions to management theory or practice.

Since 2001, the folks behind the Thinkers 50 have been offering their own list of leadership and innovation movers and shakers. That project — which just released its 2003 ranking — seems to have a more solid methodology. In addition to drawing on a survey of business people, consultants, academics, and MBA students around the world, the list is based on the following criteria:

  • Originality of ideas
  • Practicality of ideas
  • Presentation style
  • Written communication
  • Loyalty of followers
  • Business sense
  • International outlook
  • Rigor of research
  • Impact of ideas
  • Guru Factor

What do you think of the Thinkers 50 selections? Good calls? Bad calls? Who’s missing?