Dissembling the Schedule

FC Now reader Charless Buffett emailed an intriguing question early this morning:

I have had a few discussions with collegues & friends recently about how various social systems (education, family, mass media, etc) “program” us for earning wages or salaries and living from paycheck-to-paycheck.

The question I pose to them is: Instead of working for a week or a month & then get our remuneration, what if we worked for 2, 3, 6 months & earned enough income to last the rest of the year, next year, 3 years?

What sort of person would you be if you were able to do this? What sort of skills, education, personality, background would you have? What would activities would you be engaged in to earn the income? What sort of family life & lifestyle would you have?

In the past, this idea has been raised when comparing the amount of vacation time in America to that in other countries, but it’s an interesting concept. What would it mean for our careers — and our local and global economies productivity-wise — were we to take on such a work schedule? Chuck Salter suggests that steps in such a direction could increase productivity. What think you?