Every Minute Counts

Anyone else noticing how the networks are sliding in their shows a minute earlier these days? Last night, “ER” began at 9:59pm instead of the usual 10pm. So instead of tuning into “Without a Trace,” the show I would have watched first, I got hooked into the latest trauma at County General.

What a brilliant marketing ploy, proving, as we write about in Bang! Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World, that every detail counts. A detail which can mean a gross difference in ratings points.

One wonders why this earlier start hasn’t happened earlier? Somebody, somewhere decreed that network programming must begin on the hour or half hour. Proving another tenet of our book, that in today’s cut throat marketing environment, you must “forget every rule you’ve ever heard.”

But watch out NBC: CBS will soon begin airing “Without a Trace” at 9:58 next week!