From Good to Great III

Heath, thanks for the inquiry and for helping us navigate our way through the world of blogging. That very “moooving” meeting not only taught us to make sure we do our homework, but to never go in with just one idea. We always try to have a plan B in hand.

The way we bounce back from failures is simple. We learn from them. They force us to look at a polar opposite idea that gives us a different frame reference. What we find is that there was usually an even better idea out there that we didn’t see in the first place.

The “Assume the Worst” chapter focuses on the benefits of fear. Fear is the only thing that keeps you from being a victim of your own success. We always tell our clients, no matter how well things are going, how high sales are soaring to assume that it will all end tomorrow. That your competitors are staying up nights just thinking of ways to bring you down.

A big bang idea never sleeps, it is constantly evolving and moving ahead. It creates a new universe but this new universe can be quickly inhabited with competitors.