Play Economist-y for Me

Dave Pollard recently turned me on to two colleagues at the Economic Policy Institute who maintain their own blogs. Adam Hersh, a researcher at the institute, maintains Globalize This!, which focuses on “unconventional wisdom on the global political economy.” Recent entries address private military corporations and China’s currency manupulation.

Globalize This! is a wonderful read parallel to senior economist Max Sawicky’s MaxSpeak, You Listen, which is surprisingly — and humorously — subtitled “Putting the schizzle in your dialectizzle.” He addresses raises, budgeting, and other economic topics.

While Hersh’s blog strikes me as more consistently interesting, it’s fascinating to get deeper into the heads of economists. And, as Sawicky shows, economists’ heads aren’t all columns, rows, and numbers. Now, if only Northwestern University’s Mark Witte did a blog!