Cornering the Market for Startups

Starting their own businesses in record numbers is one answer.

According to the Women’s Financial Network, women’s businesses are now starting at 2 times the rate of those run by men. What’s more, in the US, women today own 38% of all businesses. These women’s businesses employ 27.5 million people and generate over $3.6 trillion in sales.

As Linda Tischler’s insightful and thought-provoking article points out women work as hard as men, if not harder. But in this “winner-take-all” corporate environment, women often make decisions that ultimately cost them the top job because they are not willing to take that stint in Beijing that turns her family’s life upside down.

But more and more women are taking matters into their own hands by creating products and services that allow them to be the CEO’s of their own lives as well as their companies. In many cases, women are working harder than they ever would have in a traditional corporate environment, but it is on terms that work best for her life and family. As former CEO Margaret Heffernen states, “women are leaving to form companies so that they don’t have to be change agents,” for corporate America. Things might not be changing in the biggest corner offices, but entreprenuerial women are creating the biggest bangs in the economy and are certainly cornering the market on start-ups.

Where are the Women? If corporate America keeps repeating history, as we say in Bang! they will be history as they struggle to attract talented workers of both genders.