Passion Pays

Thanks to Curt Rosengren for his passionate response to “Stop Promoting People,” as well — and for letting us know about that Granite Rock company with the big bang idea.

To demonstrate his commitment to have passionate employees, the CEO lets people return to their former jobs within 30 days after a promotion, no questions asked. More of corporate America should adopt this idea so that people can test the waters and honestly assess the opportunity to stretch themselves and try new things.

I also agree that not everyone is in this for the money. When we did our research for Bang! what motivated people most was not money, it was loyalty and how they were treated in the workplace by superiors.

As the CEO and founder of what the industry has ranked the fastest growing advertising agency in the U.S., I truly believe we have been able to help people have wonderful, successful, lucrative careers by providing a fertile environment where they can do what they love, and just keep getting better at it and applying it in new ways.

Granted not every industry works this way, but I’m sure in some way or another most companies can apply the horizontal advancement thinking in some aspect of its business.