Productivity over Promotion

In response to our theory on not promoting people, FC Now reader Scott Palmer asks:

How do you continue to give employees the juicy salary increases they expect if you don’t promote them? Year after year, people expect that their salaries will go up. Without giving them more responsibility, I can’t justify the raises.

In this economy, guaranteed annual “juicy” raises are a thing of the past, assuming they even existed in the first place. In Bang! we talk about the need to give more responsibility but that isn’t necessarily the same as a promotion.

Part of the theory behind horizontal advancement is to increase one’s responsibilities much like an accomplished musician who continually expands her repertoire. If you give someone more to do and offer new challenges that play off their strengths then raises are perfectly justified. There are plenty of people out there who want to climb the proverbial corporate ladder. More power to them. This theory is for those who enjoy and are great at what they do, and quite frankly don’t want to stop doing it. The challenge is to make sure they continue to grow, that you feed that passion versus extinguish it with a promotion.