WiFi on the Slopes?!

Readers of the magazine may already know that I’m a WiFi fan(atic). I’ve got my re-loadable Starbucks card, mostly so I can have easy WiFi hotspot access wherever I go. I have a wireless network at home. I get very annoyed at hotels that don’t have broadband access and, yes, I prefer my broadband WiFi-style.

But there are limits.

Or are there?

A company called Exwire, knowing my penchant for wireless companies, just emailed to say they’re the first to network a ski resort. That’s right: The slopes of the popular Lake Tahoe ski resort Squaw Valley are now WiFi-ready — in the ski lodges, in the conference rooms, at various “Community Connect” points around town, and coming soon, at the lift sites and on top of every Squaw Valley slope. Exwire’s PR rep says this is great for businesspeople who will never have to feel guilty or disconnected again when they play hooky from the office for a day to hit the slopes.

I thought that was the point: Sneak away and have fun! No email! No phone calls! No office! The idea that my boss could find me while I’m on a ski lift and breathing in the clear, pure mountain air…that just might be my worst nightmare (um, no offense, John!).

Then a colleague pointed out something important: Slope-side WiFi means no more unwieldy ski maps, no more lost ski bunnies — most important, it means instant contact with emergency personnel in case of an accident. So maybe WiFi on the slopes makes sense after all.

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