The Diamond Industry Hits Gold

For years women have been left waiting for the right guy to give us the right ring on the left hand. Well, that never seemed right to me, and left a lot of us empty handed.

Then, finally, the diamond industry got it right, with its new “right hand ring” marketing plan that informs us gals that now the left hand is not the only one right for a diamond. And I, for one, think it’s downright brilliant.

The left hand is for “we,” the ads say, but the right hand is for “me.” So you can sashay off to Saks right now, and get a 2-carat diamond ring all by yourself. That is, if you have money left on your Visa after all those Manolo Blahnik shoes you had every right to buy as well. Now sure, you might get some left-handed compliments from your married friends, but have every right to have a hand in which hand you want to bejewel.

And as for the diamond industry, they certainly have come up with the right plan to double sales for the year that’s left.