Gentile Bar Mitzvahs… Kosher or Not?

Although anti-Semitism is all the rage around the world, it seems like the traditional Jewish celebration into man and womanhood is something even non-Jews want to be a part of… From Maine to Malibu, more and more kids are begging their parents to have Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

No, this is no Madonna Kabalistic craze. In fact, this has zero to do with tradition or religion. This is simply a socio-economic status symbol for kids to laud over their friends. An extravagant affair which impresses peers, and proves ones familial wealth.

What’s next? Poverty parties, where kids proudly display their disgust with the upper crust by rippin’ their clothes and greasin’ their hair? Oh wait, come to think of it, R&B singers are doin’ that already!