TiVo Nation

Advertisers who paid $2.3 million for a TV spot during yesterday’s Super Bowl can only wish they got this kind of “exposure” during the game: yesterday’s breast-baring halftime stunt by Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson set an instant replay record, according to Silicon Valley-based DVR company TiVo. The company measured second-by-second viewership patterns of 20,000 anonymously-sampled TiVo users, and according to the San Jose Business Journal:

“The close of Mr. Timberlake and Ms. Jackson’s halftime duet drew the biggest spike in audience reaction TiVo has ever measured, the company says. Viewership spiked up to 180 percent as viewers used TiVo DVR capabilities to pause and replay live television to view the incident again and again.”

TiVo also measured the top commercials, according to how often they were replayed by viewers; the top three were Bud Light’s two commercials and the “Shattered Glass” spot by Truth.