The Best Business Ideas of 2003

In his blog How to Save the World, Dave Pollard outlines what he considers to be the 10 most important business ideas of 2003. In a quick hit — Dave expands on them in his blog — they are:

  • Profit needn’t be the bottom line
  • Bigger is worse
  • New Market Disruptions could slay today’s business giants
  • Viral marketing is soaring in importance as trust in business tanks
  • A business is nothing more than the sum of its people’s productive efforts
  • Innovation only flourishes in an environment that is open, collaborative and agile
  • Stories are subversive, and far more persuasive than presentations, prescriptions and reports
  • Business will evolve into a World of Ends, with federations of small, specialized, networked enterprises replacing hierarchical, vertically-integrated conglomerates
  • When a business’ relationship with its customers is adversarial, it’s in its death throes
  • Developing ‘Purple Cows’ – Innovations that are truly remarkable, is the best way to break out of the pack