Brazen Careerist II

In response to an entry yesterday, FC Now reader Donald E.L. Johnson asks a slew of solid questions:

  • How do you make sure you don’t hire job hoppers?
  • Is there any benefit to an organization that hires job hoppers?
  • If you see a resume with more than three jobs in three years, are you interested?
  • Do job hoppers have problems focusing, learning, relating to colleagues and customers, looking out for the interests of their employers?
  • How long does it take an employer to sense the emotional, ethical and other problems that serial job hoppers have, if they have such problems?
  • Serial job hopping strikes me as being about as interesting as watching segments of a TV series and as satisfying as eating fast food. How about you?
  • If you were unable to become fascinated with law, would it worry you?
  • What do the quality and style of writing offered by Emma Gold suggest to you as a potential employer?