Calling All Cranks

In the January issue, Chuck Salter examined the many ways telephone calls can be monitored — and the many reasons why. Companies such as NICE can analyze call recordings to learn which competitors are stealing customers — and which agents defuse irritated callers.

A New York Post article Tuesday expands on NICE’s work. Based in Israel, the company is developing a technology that measures the pitch and tone of callers’ voices. Doing so can help analysts pinpoint if — and when — a caller becomes irate. It can also help identify whether particular regions tend to contain more angry customers or sales problems.

Some people suggest that technology of this sort will help send more call center jobs overseas. “If the operator is in India, sometimes frustration isn’t so easily translated,” one NICE representative says. “They may not realize how much of an issue something is.”

Which recalls another Chuck Salter story: Feeling sorry yet?