The Age of Financial Reports

Vance Wells, VP of sales and marketing for CallStreet, just transmitted a news release to several FC staffers, and a quick poll indicates that I was the only person to read it and check out the demo accounts he’d set up for us.

I have never been so excited by earnings calls and preliminary earnings releases. Seriously.

CallStreet is an online service that provides alerts of upcoming earnings calls and other financial reportage events, call transcripts, and call reports.

CallStreet produces the only transcripts that have been fully corrected by MBA editors with industry research experience. The results are 100% accurate transcripts and reports – the only ones of their kind in the

CallStreet provides raw verbatim transcripts of conference calls available
1-2 hours after the completion of the call to allow users quick access to
the information presented. Our editors re-listen to the entire call audio and
spend several hours confirming and researching all the terms and numbers
in the call – no “inaudible”, “indiscernible” or “phonetic” entries.

The result is a pretty rich bed of early information — perfect for people who follow the market and management activities. But the additional context and functionality is what intrigues. You can receive daily email alerts of upcoming calls. You can set watch lists for specific companies — or instances of particular keywords. And the expert editing is extremely valuable.

All that seems to be missing is watching for specific kinds of calls. The earnings reports might not always be interesting, but to see every acquisition, strategy position, merger, announcement of new leadership and similar reports would be fascinating indeed.