Psychopath of Least Resistance

The Business Scan, a test developed by Professor Robert Hare and Dr. Paul Babiak, both experts in psychopathic disorders, aims to determine whether executives and potential hires are psychopaths. The 107-point questionnaire can identify glimpses of insincerity, arrogance, manipulative behaviour, and lack of guilt or remorse.

The professor believes that psychopath’s cold-blooded ability to manipulate others without remorse, coupled with a veneer of charm and high energy can make them extremely successful in many walks of life.

They could be perfectly qualified for top posts in the military, politics or in huge multi-national companies as history has already shown in one notorious case.

Keith Hammonds took a look at the secret life of the CEO in the October 2002 Fast Company. Like the professor, Keith determined that the very qualities that can help a leader succeed can also lead to their downfall.