The Rate of Responsible Business

In January, we took a look at the state of social capitalism. The Jan. 11 edition of Business Respect adds to the conversation by following up on some predictions the staff made two years ago. Among their ideas:

  • There will be a growing emphasis on the quality of management of corporate social responsibility – not just whether you do it at all.
  • CSR will increasingly be defined by core business issues, managed strategically across the business.
  • Companies will become much more sophisticated about how they communicate with stakeholders
  • The growing expectations on business will survive recession (and even war, if need be)
  • How you downsize and what you make will become the two most significant benchmarks
  • There will be growing tension between business-led CSR and NGO demands for better globalisation
  • The business of social accountability is professionalising there will be firmer standards in the future
  • Governments will largely refrain from legislation on CSR
  • Political lobbying is a landmine waiting to explode

For the most part, progress falls between “pretty slow” and “some.” How do you think social entrepreneurship is progressing? What needs to happen to make these goals — or predications — reality?