Craigslist Goes to Hollywood

Look out, hipsters, online subculture favorite Craigslist is making its way to the big screen. Today on National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation,” producer/director Michael Ferris Gibson talks about his upcoming postmodern documentary “24 Hours On Craig’s List.”

Gibson and his crew selected a day at random (August 4, 2003) and made a film about a handful of people who posted classified ads on the San Francisco site. Covered on the NPR broadcast: where to find a diabetic cat support group, a “drag rock” pioneer, and why the Craig behind the list landed on the cutting room floor.

During the interview host Neil Conan puts his finger on Craigslist’s popularity dilemma when he quotes Yogi Berra, (“Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded.”) This week’s question to FC readers: Is Craigslist’s appeal inversely proportional to its popularity, or the more the merrier? Take the Fast Company poll.