Music and Moonlighting II

Business-related music is one of my occasional obsessions, and the Japan Times recently reported that an ad jingle for a Yokohama-based demolition company has become a hit record.

Nihon Break Kogyo Co.’s song splashed onto Oricon, one of the nation’s most influential music charts, on Monday. It is the first time a “shaka,” or corporate anthem, has made the charts, according to Oricon Inc., a major Tokyo music information provider.

The tune has already been made into ring tones for mobile phones, and two major karaoke song distributors are set to add it to their song books in January.

Unlike the stiff, propagandalike nature of regular Japanese corporate anthems, the up-tempo rock tune, written and performed by a Nihon Break Kogyo demolition worker, sounds like the themes from old Japanese animated films featuring superheroes.

But it’s the lyrics that really take the cake. Luckily, a translation of the words is available online, and you can hear the song courtesy of a Flash animation.