Air Bud

The office I’m working in features an excessive amount of white noise because I sit directly below an air vent of sorts. I’ve gotten used to it, but working in this temporary space made me remember an experience I had while working at another magazine back in 1996.

One day, my colleagues and I had the sense that something was wrong. Off. Awry. And we couldn’t quite put our fingers on it. Turns out that the air conditioning had turned off, and what was disturbing us was… silence. We were uncomfortable because the white noise we’d become accustomed to was gone.

This noon, while going through my daily Web reads, I came across a mention of the ESP Personal Air Purifier. And I’m now thinking about the air I breathe — and the water I drink — at work. I have no idea how healthy any of the office buildings I’ve worked in are — and I’ve never given thought to using anything like an air purifier. Until today.

How healthy is your workplace? Are products like this bunko — or boffo? What do you do where you work to stay healthy and make your workspace your own?