Surviving the Offshoring Trend

Fast Company‘s long-time friend Tom Peters offers some very good advice to survive the ongoing migration of white-collar jobs to India, China and elsewhere.

In his new book, Re-imagine!, the author of one of our most famous cover stories, The Brand Called You, offers up “The Brand You Survival Kit.”

If you’re going to survive, here are ten (obviously abbreviated on this blog) traits you’ll need in your kit bag, according to Peters.

  • Think Like An Entrepreneur.
  • Always Be A “Closer.”
  • Embrace Marketing.
  • Pursue Mastery.
  • Thrive on Ambiguity.
  • Laugh Off Vigorous Screw-ups.
  • Nurture Your Network.
  • Relish Technology.
  • Grovel Before the Young.
  • Cultivate a Passion for Renewal.

Behinds each of these short headlines is some remarkably good advice. Consider Peters’ comments about nurturing your network. “Despite numerous reports to the contrary, I do not believe that loyalty is dead. I believe that loyalty is…more imporant than ever. But the Axis of Loyalty has shifted a full 90 degrees. Old loyalty was vertical loyalty. Loyalty to a hierarchy…New loyalty is horizontal loyalty. Loyalty to a trade or industry: What matters is what your peers think of your work. Which puts a high premium on developing what I call the Rolodex Obsession. You must build–and deliberately manage–an ever-expanding network of professional contacts throughout your field.”

So true.