Guest Host: Customer Loyalty

Bob will remain with us as guest host of FC Now for the rest of today, but I wanted to take a moment to announce next week’s online event. Thank you, Bob, for all of your contributions, ideas, and insights over the last week!

In early November, Alison Overholt shared a story about a recent customer service experience. Her entry sparked a lot of discussion among readers, and an email from an FC Now reader even inspired a customer care director for Starbucks to contact us in response.

Next week, starting Monday, Dec. 8, we’ll be joined by two special guest hosts who will help expand that conversation about customer service, loyalty, and marketing. Paul Williams is a customer care manager for Starbucks. John Moore is director of national marketing for Whole Foods Market.

While their entries, ideas, and opinions won’t necessarily reflect the official position of Starbucks and Whole Foods, they’ll be able to share a wide range of customer service, loyalty, and marketing experiences, ideas, resources, and tools.

I hope you’ll join us. Next week in FC Now.