Procrasti-Nation II

In the spirit of structured procrastination, Lynda Cardwell recently wrote an article about balancing priorities on schedule. Her two topmost suggestions include triaging your tasks and identifying the rhythms of your work week.

Her recommendation to chart tasks seems more effective and efficient than the standard high-medium-low prioritization approach I take to my to-do list. You can prioritize by slotting tasks into a two-by-two matrix featuring

  • Urgent and important tasks Dealing with a product recall or completing due diligence before an acquisition can be approved
  • Not urgent but important tasks Developing key business relationships and drafting a plan for how your company will respond to the changes you foresee taking place in your industry 18 months down the road
  • Urgent but not important tasks Taking impromptu phone calls from sales reps or fielding a request from a subordinate to help make arrangements for next week’s unit party
  • Not urgent and not important tasks Surfing the Internet or gossiping around the water cooler

While I encourage FC Now readers to remain hydrated — and keep reading FC Now — I think I might try using this approach for awhile.