Fast Company in the News

Here are some recent media mentions of Fast Company:

FC Now reader Jeff Jarvis previously commented, “It would be quite cool if you not only gave links to media mentions of your stories but to Weblog links and comments.”

Point well taken. I do — just not in these roundup entries, which are oriented toward print and other mainstream media. I also follow trackback pings, as well as Technorati, Popdex, Blogdex, and Daypop citations. If someone posts a lengthy, thoughtful response to a Fast Company story or FC Now entry, I’ll link to it and reply in kind. Case in point: My pointer to a recent Dave Pollard blog entry. Or my reference to a Company of Friends member’s report on a CoF event.

All that said, so many blog citations are just that: headline, link. Maybe someone will add a brief comment like, “Good article.” Those, I won’t highlight. But longer, more in-depth, and thoughtful commentaries — posts that also propel the conversation — will find their way back here as they hit my radar.