Customer Experience, by Any Other Name…

In a column online today, Good Experience’s Mark Hurst serves up his four-point plan for customer experience design. Among the highlights:

  • Results: Customer experience work only matters to a business if it generates business results, metrics that the CEO can understand: revenue, conversion rate, operating savings.
  • Organization: The only way decision-makers buy into changes is if they feel some ownership. Involve them in your process — the listening labs, the strategy sessions.
  • Strategy: Try to solve the most important problems in the user experience. For years, usability professionals have concerned themselves with tactical details in the user experience and have missed the reality of customer experience.
  • Experience: Branding, market penetration, information architecture, and usability may be important, but the primary concern is, did the user have a good experience? This is about the experience that a user has on the site, in the store, or with the product.