Simple Adieu: Insert Your Name Here

In one of my previous careers, I was a graphic designer, and art directed at publications like the New York Times. This is from a tiny pamphlet I recently received from the American Institute of Graphic Artists. Simply insert your work, career, or passion in place of “design” and you’ve got a pretty powerful and affirming reason to do less of what doesn’t matter, and more of what does. Adieu…

Why do you design?
Because, inherently, you like to solve problems.
Perhaps because you refuse to yield to those who say it can’t be done.
Because you believe that progress is required.

The act of designing is an inherently powerful act. When we become articulate champions of the process of designing, we help teams perform better. When we become active participants in the process of designing, we can drive new value–economic, social, and aesthetic. When we achieve progress through our participation, we make a new reputation for designers as deep and valuable members of any process of change. And the cycle repeats itself.

Thank you for all your ambitions in this regard. The next generation of designers depends on it.